Monday, February 13, 2017

Article for rewrite

This Dolphins stadium story is now 524 words. (It's quite out of date; we will pretend it's a timely advance.)

-- Cut it in half. Decide what information is not essential and cut it out. But make sure you retain the key information.

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-- Work in Word so you know the word count, then email it to Professor O'Hara.

Dolphin Stadium is a world-class sports and entertainment facility that hosts Dolphin football games, Marlin baseball games, the FedEx Orange Bowl and numerous of other events. On April 8, Dolphins Enterprises CEO Joe Bailey announced the plans for major upgrades to the stadium that will give it a new look, a new name and the biggest hi-definition video display boards in the world. 

The $425 million plan, initiated by owner Wayne Huizenga, was broken down into three phases. The first phase was a simple renaming and new logo for the stadium. The name change was just dropping the “s” in Dolphins Stadium to now just Dolphin Stadium. The new stadium logo is a contemporary looking dolphin in teal, orange, blue and platinum colors with the words Dolphin Stadium. Although distinct from the Miami Dolphins logo, the stadium logo maintains a relationship to the franchise. 

The second phase set Dolphin Stadium apart from all other facilities in the world. During the 2nd annual Miami Dolphins season ticket holder appreciation day, fans were introduced to brand new hi-definition video boards in the east and west end zones. The boards were manufactured ad installed by Daktronics, a recognized worldwide leading designer of LED video boards. The west end zone board is approximately 50 feet high and 99 feet wide. The east end zone is the same height, however its length of 137 feet makes it the biggest of its kind in the world, surpassing one installed last year that was recognized as the largest by Guinness World Records. This board is 20 percent larger than the previous record holder. 

“The picture on these boards are so clear, it is really remarkable,” said Marlins fan Tom Beavers. 

Manager of scoreboard operations at Dolphin Stadium, Brady Small, said that yet another part of this phase, includes a ribbon board that will circle around the whole stadium. This full-color LED display will be completed in July, before the Miami Dolphins 2007 season opener. 

The third phase of renovations are scheduled to be finished around 2009. The construction has already began to expand the stadium out 80 feet all the way around. The added space will make way for more and nicer club areas. Future additions will include an exhibition area in a new parking garage and the creation of a main street complete with retail shops and continuous entertainment. 

According to stadium officials, another possible addition is a $100 million dollar retractable roof. Just the talk of something like this would make any sport fan, that has attended a rain soaked event, smile. 

The new-look Dolphin Stadium is coming at a great time for sports fans. The boards were finished just in time for the season of a young Florida Marlins team. The outward expansion will be completed just in time for an optimistic Dolphins season as well as Super bowl XLI, which will be held at the stadium in 2007. 
“As a season ticket holder for the Dolphins and an avid Marlins fan, I think these changes are wonderful, and I can’t wait to see the final result,” said Beavers. 

A sight that will indeed be something to see.

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